Russia Launches NashStore, Google Play Store Replacement That Blocks Many Their Apps
NashStore is expected to replace the role of the Play Store in Russia. (photo; twitter @brewerov

JAKARTA- Russian technology developer is building an alternative to Alphabet Inc's Google Play Store. They even plan to launch it on May 9, which is a national holiday in Russia to celebrate victory in the Second World War. This was announced by the organizations supporting the initiative on Tuesday, March 29.

YouTube and Google Play this month suspended all payment-based services in Russia. This includes subscription services, as Western sanctions over Russia's actions in Ukraine are starting to pose a banking challenge in the country.

“Unfortunately, Russians usually can no longer use Google Play to buy apps and developers have lost their source of income,” said Vladimir Zykov, project director at Digital Platforms, an organization focused on digital development.

"This is why we created the Russian app store, NashStore," Zykov said in a statement quoted by Reuters.

NashStore, which translates into English as "OurStore", will serve Android mobile devices. According to Zykov ultimately NashStore should be compatible with Russian Mir bank cards.

Russians traditionally hold a patriotic display of their military might on May 9 with a parade through Moscow's Red Square to commemorate the anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.

This is the right moment for them to show the world that Russia also has an app store and is not dependent on the West to develop their digital applications.

But this was met with skepticism by Russian Netizens. One Netizen said this was another form of failure made by Russia.

“If we remember the unpopular experiences of Rutube, Rossgram (which was supposed to be launched yesterday), and Yappy, then the developers will probably cut money and say that "technical difficulties arise," said @brewerov Russian Twitter account in a tweet.

The account is said to be that of Andrei Pivovarov, a Russian political prisoner who is also a former State Duma candidate.

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