Whale Bitcoin Transfer 15.058 BTC To Another Wallet
Whales move thousands of Bitcoins to other wallets (TradingBTC)

JAKARTA – Bitcoin owners in large quantities or commonly called whales are reportedly moving 15,078 BTC which is worth 1.018 billion US dollars when BTC experienced a recent correction. The information was reported by blockchain tracker Whale Alert in a Twitter post as reported by The Daily Hodl.

The transfer only costs 0.00003060 BTC or around US$1.90 (equivalent to Rp26,943) at the time of writing. The wallet address is the 51st richest Bitcoin owner in the world, as reported by BitInfoCharts.

In addition, Whale Alert also reported another large Bitcoin move that took place in recent days. Last Tuesday there was a whale who transferred 5,000 Bitcoins from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet for a fee of 0.00008148 BTC, about 5.30 US dollars (Rp75,157). The bitcoins were estimated to be worth more than 337 million US dollars when transferred.

It didn't stop there, Whale Alert revealed that another major cryptocurrency holder had sent 1,500 Bitcoins worth over $100 million from an unknown wallet to crypto exchange Coinbase on Tuesday.

Later on Wednesday, Whale Alert reported a whale had moved 968 BTC worth nearly $65 million from an unknown wallet to Coinbase. On the same day, another whale moved 750 Bitcoins from Coinbase to the Binance crypto exchange. At the time of the transfer, BTC was worth more than 48 million US dollars.

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price was trading at the level of Rp900,049,361. BTC has decreased by 2.8 percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, in one week BTC increased by 1.4 percent, as reported by Coinecko.

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