Kim Kurniawan's Promise Ahead Of Persib: If I Score A Goal I Won't Celebrate
Kim Kurniawan (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - PSS Sleman midfielder Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan admitted that he would not celebrate if he scored a goal against Persib Bandung in the Liga 1 match tomorrow Friday.

"I also respect the Persib Bandung club, so if I score a goal, of course, I won't be celebrating," said Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan at a press conference, Thursday, as reported by Antara.

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan was a Persib Bandung player since 2016 until he moved to PSS Sleman in early 2021.

Even though he has been defending Persib for a long time, Kim stated that he will be professional against his former club and will try to give his best for PSS Sleman.

"Of course I am now at PSS Sleman, so I want to give the best for PSS Sleman. In terms of games, I will give 100 percent to PSS," said Kim.

The naturalized German player admitted that he had no obstacles in presenting the best performance against his former team or any club.

Kim respects Persib but when he enters the gridiron he will give his all 100 percent for PSS Sleman.

"I want it to be against any club, but like I said when I entered the gridiron, I defended the PSS Sleman team, so now I will give 100 percent and will not see who it is against," said Kim.

While defending Persib, Kim has gone through ups and downs as a player and managed to win the hearts of supporters from Maung Bandung.

PSS Sleman's match against Persib Bandung will be held at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, tomorrow Friday at 18:15 western Indonesia time.

Sleman is ranked 12th with 8 points from 7 matches, while Persib Bandung is in third position with 13 points from 7 matches.


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