At The 2015 SEA Games, Gender Was Questioned, Now Aprilia Manganang Is Confirmed To Be A Male
Aprilia Manganang (instagram @ manganang92)

JAKARTA - Former national volleyball athlete Aprilia Manganang is confirmed as a man. From the results of medical examinations, Aprilia has more male sex organs.

This medical examination was initially carried out at Wolter Mongisidi Hospital, Manado, North Sulawesi on February 3. However, due to the limitations of the hospital, the Indonesian Army decided to bring Aprilia to Jakarta.

In the capital city, from the urology, hormone and testosterone examination, it was found that there were no internal female sex organs in Aprilia. The radiological examination also revealed the same thing.

With a stocky body and a tomboyish appearance, Aprilia is often accused of being transgender. While still actively playing, at the Livoli event in 2011 and 2013 two clubs questioned the gender of the Volleyball who was born on April 27, 1992.

In 2011, the Popsivo Polwan volleyball team also refused to compete against Alko Bandung, the club that Aprilia strengthened. Two years later, Aprilia's gender status was also questioned by two teams: Bank Jatim Surabaya and Petromkimia Gresik.

It didn't stop there. At the international level, the Philippines national team coach, Roger Gorayeb, banned him from playing at the 2015 SEA Games because he suspected that Aprila was a man.

"Aprilia is very strong, it's like putting a boy in a women's match," Gorayeb said at the time.

However, after a series of tests, it was never proven that Aprilia was a man.

Aprilia doesn't come from a rich family. The father works odd jobs while the mother is a housewife. Since childhood, Aprilia has often helped her father hoe in the garden and climb coconut trees.

It is this physical activity that is claimed to make Aprilia look like a man. His appearance on the field is quite solid and his punches are often made by opponents.

Aprilia announced her retirement from volleyball at the age of 28. He stated his decision through a video uploaded to his personal Instagram account @ manganang92, on September 10 last year. The post has now been deleted.

Retiring from the world that made her name, did not necessarily make Aprilia stop exercising. Lately, he has been intensively appearing on Instagram, uploading photos of his activities at the fitness center.

In these photos, Aprilia exudes a muscular body. After years of questioning his gender. Now, Aprilia is confirmed to be a man.

At the 2015 SEA Games, the Indonesian women's volleyball team won a bronze medal after being defeated by Thailand 3-1 in the semifinals. Will the medal be removed from the Indonesian women's volleyball team with Aprilia's current gender status? Of course we don't hope so.

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