How To Form Chest Muscles Without Tools: Super Practical And Effective
How To Form An Equipmentless Chest Muscle (Go Fortune Vieyra-Unsplash Image)

YOGYAKARTA - Having an ideal body shape is certainly the hope of everyone. Not only women, but men are very gentle about it. Moreover, the problem of the chest muscles. This time we will look for solutions related to how to form a chest muscle without effective tools. Like what? Check out the following reviews.

Most people want to have an athletic chest muscle, but the obstacle is laziness. Forming a chest muscle is identical, you have to use a special device and go to the Gym. Even though we can train it without tools and just stay at home. What is the sport like?

1. Push-up

This exercise is perfect for training the chest muscles because the series of movements trains many muscles at the top, namely the chest muscles, arm muscles, abdomen and back muscles. If the plank is useful for strengthening, you can feel more muscle contractions with push-up movements.

Start slowly with a push-up on the wall, incline by using a chair, then try on the floor. Lay your hands as wide as your shoulders, down slowly with a diagonal position of 90 degrees to the outside. Live 5.10, to 15 repetitions progressively.

2. Plank

If you guys are just getting started, try starting from the simplest movement, namely the plank. You can start from the forest plank or full plank. This movement will train the chest muscles, arms, and back. Starting from the plank for 30 seconds to 1 minute for 10 sets a day to prepare for push-ups.

3. Weighted Push-Up

The method of forming the next chest muscle is by weighted push-ups. This movement is the same as push-ups. What distinguishes it is the extra load on the back.

Remember, to form muscles, you must apply progressive load training. After firmly carrying out push-ups, you can try it by inserting books such as dictionaryes or drinking water bottles into backpacks, then using them when push-ups.

4. Rotation Push-up

With the basic push-up movement, this weight exercise is also very efficient to form a chest muscle. What distinguishes it from the regular push-up is that the movement of the hands as it goes up and down is tried alternately; right and left. At first, position the body in the push-up position. After carrying out one push-up, raise one hand up and maintain balance. Undergo this breast muscle alternating method for 1 minute.

5. Pull-up

For this movement, you need a medium that can be installed on the door. This is the most complete movement to train the upper body, because to complete it, you need to use the muscles of your shoulders, back, stomach and chest.

The method of shaping the chest muscle is very efficient but the exercise is very difficult. Position your shoulders wide by holding your pull-ups tightly. Start by relying as long as you can. When you are strong, secure your stomach, then raise your body until your chest is parallel to the bar by using the arm muscle. Hold on above and live this method of forming a chest as much as 10 times the repetition as many as 3 sets.

6. Commando Push-Up

Position the body in the plank forearm. First, raise one hand and place your palm in the same position as your elbow, then continue with your hand next to it. Second, return the position to the plank forearm by placing the arm alternately. Live for 1 minute without stopping, repeat 4 times. It is confirmed that the dry flood is like a cardio exercise!

Can You Train Your Chest Every Day?

If you are beginners, it is recommended to give time when you again want to do a lot of movement to train your chest muscles. If you grow your chest muscles every day without giving the muscles time to recover, it can be risky. You can have muscle injuries and overtraining!

Keep in mind, try to carry out exercises to raise your chest muscles every 2-3 days. If you are used to it, you may each live 1-2 days.

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