Presenting The 2023 Asian Gwemes Silver Medal For Indonesia, Sanggoe Asks Skate Park At IKN To Basuki Hadimuljono
Skateboarder Sanggoe Darma Tanjung managed to donate a silver medal for the Indonesian contingent at the 2023 Asian Games. (Photo: Doc. NOC Indonesia)

The Sanggoe Darma Tanjung skateboard athlete managed to donate a silver medal for the Indonesian contingent at the 2023 Asian Games, Wednesday, September 27. His success was witnessed by theChef de Mission (CdM), Basuki Hadimuljono.

When meeting Basuki after the match at the QT Roller Sport Center, Hangzhou, Sanggoe made a surprising request. He wanted to make an adequate skateboard facility in the capital city of Nusantara (IKN).

"I want later at IKN to have a skate park, sir," said the athlete who was born on December 28, 2001, to Basuki, who is also the Minister of PUPR, quoted from a written statement from NOC on Wednesday, September 27.

Basuki Hadimuljono agreed. In addition, he also appreciated Sanggoe's success in winning a silver medal even though so far without being accompanied by a coach.

"I have also been ordered if at Taman Mini there is a skate park which is said to be neglected, we will fix it later," said Basuki.

"We are grateful that Sanggoe got silver, whatever the reason, but this is the result. But everyone knows maybe he's better. Sanggoe is already great, there is no coach, there is no program to get silver, other people are already TC everywhere," he said.

The government previously planned to build various sports facilities at IKN. The development is related to Indonesia's submission as the host of the 2036 Olympics.

If Indonesia is chosen as the host, IKN will be the location for the Olympics.

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