Crystal Palace Stops Arsenal's Winning Trend Streak
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Arsenal's winning streak in the last three games has stopped at the hands of Crystal Palace. The two teams drew 0-0 in Week 18 of the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, London, Thursday local time (Friday WIB).

Mikel Arteta's team actually appeared quite dominant by controlling more than 67 percent of the ball during the match, but they were unable to make good use of it.

Because it was so difficult to penetrate the Palace defense, Arsenal only fired 11 attempted shots throughout the match, only four of which met targets.

The first good chance was born in the 20th minute when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang fired a fine shot from the edge of the box, but goalkeeper Bukayo Saka did well to keep out the danger.

Three minutes later it was Palace's threatening turn when Wilfried Zaha was able to get past several players before entering the Arsenal penalty box and just moments before firing a finishing shot Granit Xhaka got on board to block the ball.

Then in the 42nd minute, Palace managed to force goalkeeper Bernd Leno to make a brilliant save over Christian Benteke's header and the vomiting ball that Zaha tried to grab was still secured by the German goalkeeper.

Opportunities for opportunities continued to emerge and were wasted in the second half, so that the zero draw score lasted until the dissolution forced both teams to be satisfied with only one point.

The draw made Arsenal not move from 11th in the standings with a collection of 24 points, while Palace (23) moved up to 13th, according to the official Premier League website.

Palace will play early for the week-19 series of matches by visiting Manchester City's headquarters on the day after Sunday, while Arsenal only appeared a day ago to host Newcastle United.

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