Shesar Hiren Rhustavito's Move Was Stopped In The Second Round Of Thailand Open
Shesar Hiren Rhustavito (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Indonesian men's singles Shesar Hiren Rhustavito was eliminated from the second round of the Thailand Open after losing to Taiwanese representative Chou Tien Chen with a score of 16-21, 19-21.

Launching Antara, the first game was fierce. Shesar was winning 3-0. However, his own mistake was used by Chou, who was the second seed, to pursue point by point.

Position had a draw 7-7. After that, Chou began launching attacks through overhead blows which Shesar had failed several times. Four points in a row were successfully recorded by the world number two, and left Shesar behind 7-11 at the first interval.

Chou continued to collect point by point, he even managed to widen the distance to six points, namely 16-10 which is the farthest margin throughout the match.

In the second game, the match got tighter. But here Shesar is increasingly providing fierce resistance with the two players chasing each other's numbers. Having drawn two times, the next advantage still belongs to Chou.

Although Shesar tried hard to catch up, Chou's positive trend was maintained. The distance between the two was repeatedly only one to two points apart, but Chou was always ahead until towards the end of the match.

When Shesar managed to reduce the distance to 19-20, the opportunity to continue the match into a rubber game was actually very possible if the ball was not declared out. The second game closes with a score of 21-19 for Chou to win.

This defeat is the fourth time for Shesar. From the previous record of meetings, all matches were won by Chou.

Due to this result, Indonesia only has two representatives left in the men's singles sector. In the quarter-finals, Friday (14/1), Jonathan Christie and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting will both face Danish representatives.

Jojo will face All England 2020 champion Viktor Axelsen, while Anthony Ginting will face Rasmus Gemke.

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