Supporting People Support Juventus Sambut The Presence Of Egdar Davids During The Inauguration Of Juventus Village In Jakarta: Halo Indonesia, Halo Juventini!
Juventus legend, Edgar Davids, is in Jakarta. (Photo: Ulfa Gusti Utami/VOI)

JAKARTA - Juventus legend, Edgar Davids, is currently in Jakarta. His presence was a series of tours titled Juventus Village.

Edgar Davids, who was in the Old Lady's uniform for seven seasons, was lined up to open the inauguration of Juventus Village. Inevitably, his presence at the location was immediately hunted by fans.

Riuh fan Juventus yang sudah menantikan hadirnya, menyambut Davids saat ingin memberikan kata sambutan.

From the stage, he immediately waved and greeted his fans. With all black clothes, the Dutchman looked enthusiastic but still relaxed.

Hello Indonesia, hello Juventini! Good to be back here," he said.

The cheers of encouragement were immediately responded to by the supporters who attended. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Edgar Davids rushed to finish his remarks and short talks on stage.

After that, the 1973n-born legend immediately went down and approached Juventini on the side of the fence. At this moment Edgar appears to have ruled out his status as a club legend.

He looks familiar and warm with fans. "Come here and yesterday to take a photo with me, we are family," said Edgar Davids amicably.

Juventus Village itself is an exhibition that was deliberately held to pamper Juventini after the last time the Bianconeri came to Indonesia in 2014.

Held from 27-29 January, Juventus Village will present the first trophy exhibition in Southeast Asia in the history of the club, the player's jersey exhibition to several exciting games.

Not only that, Juventus Village will also hold an agenda for watching with Edgar Davids on January 29. At that time the Old Lady will also appear against Monza at Allianz Stadium as an agenda for the last 16 of the Italian Cup.

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