Call Losing Through Adu Penalti Is A Way That Ends, Sergio Busquet: Very Hard For Us
Sergio Busquets (Twitter @se_futbol)

JAKARTA - Sergio Busquets said that Morocco's loss on penalties was a "cruel" way for the Spanish national team to be eliminated from the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday.

Morocco won 3-0 on penalties against Spain after both teams played 0-0 for 120 minutes. Three Spanish kickers failed to score, while three Morocco kickers managed to complete their duties well, with only one player failing to score.

"Unfortunately. It was decided on penalties in the most violent way," Busquets said after the match, quoted by Antara via AFP.

"It's difficult, it's very difficult for us. We try to weaken, tiring them and find space. We were unlucky in the final finish."

Spain was also eliminated by Italy in the semifinals of Euro 2020 on penalties.

After being eliminated, Busquets said he didn't know if he would retire from the national team.

"Now the most important thing is the national team and not me," said the Barcelona midfielder.

"It's been a tough night and we have to get up and use this as an experience for our game. There are some very young players who will be very helpful."

Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon stopped just one Morocco penalty. He said his team played superior to Morocco, but that didn't mean because Spain couldn't score for 120 minutes.

"In the penalty shootout they took the lead and that's what took them to the quarter-finals," said the Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper.

"We saw a surprise throughout the World Cup. We were unable to overcome it and we didn't expect to be eliminated against Morocco, but that's the reality and now we have to go home."

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