The Initial Position Or Position Of Candle Attitude Is Telentang: Know The Order Of The Movement
Illustration of wax attitude (StockSnap/Pixabay)

YOGYAKARTA The attitude or initial position of the wax attitude must be known by gymnasts who want to carry out this movement in order to avoid the risk of injury.

The wax attitude is included in the floor exercise movement which is quite popular. The aim of performing a wax attitude is to train balance, body thinness, strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs, increase heart strength, and promote the circulation of blood flow in the body.

The initial position of doing the wax attitude was supine. Then, when performing a wax attitude, both legs are lifted straight from the supine position.

What you need to pay attention to, the focus of the wax attitude lies on the upper body which is supported by both hands. In the wax movement, the muscles that play the most role are the stomach muscles because they function as leg lifters and support the waist so as not to fall to the floor.

Next, the two brothers were lifted straight up and both hands held back at the waist. This position is what is called the attitude of wax. This movement is known as the armstand.

Measures to Take a Candle Attitude Movement

Just so you know, the attitude of wax can be done in two ways, namely done on your own slowly or with the help of others.

Compiled by VOI from various sources, Sunday, December 4, 2022, the following are steps to make a candle stance without the help of others:

If the attitude of wax is carried out with the help of others, the order of the movement is:

Frequent Errors When Doing Candles

As mentioned above, the attitude of wax must be done properly so that gymnasts avoid injury. In addition, someone who performs a wax attitude must focus and have strong stamina.

Here are some mistakes that often occur when performing waxy attitudes:

Those are some of the mistakes that often occur when performing waxy attitudes. In addition, there are several conditions that make gymnasts not recommended to do waxy attitude due to greater chance of injury and unwanted events.

Here are some conditions that make gymnasts not recommended to do wax attitude:

That's information about the attitude or initial position of the wax attitude. Good luck!

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