Why The Run Distance Of Maraton 42 Km? This Is His Long History Since The Greek Age
Illustration of marathon distances (Unsplash/Ben Stern)

YOGYAKARTA - Maraton is one of the sports in the running competition. Marathon sports are now not only popular for competitions, but have often been an event for the community. Although the marathon running distance is very far, this sport is quite popular with many people.

There are four different types of marathon running distances. You could say marathon running is a tough sport compared to other running sports. Marathon participants must have strong fitness and stamina.

Dibalik itu, lari marathon memiliki sejarah panjang sejak zaman kerekian sebelum masei. eksistensi olahraga ini semakin populer di era sekarang. Di Indonesia sendiri semakin banyak penyelenggaraan event marathon, seperti Borobudur Maraton dengan jarak 5K, Sleman Temple Run dengan jarak 7K sampai 25K, Bea Excise Run dengan jarak 7,6K, dan event-even lainnya.

The race was held in an original Olympic match held from 776 BC to 393 M in Olympia, Greece. But running at that time was not long distance resilience, but fast running and other running events.

But at that time among the Greek people, long-distance running was popular. Long-distance run was carried out by envoys who were employed to run within settlements. Humans are relied on for long-distance running because there is a difficult path or cannot be passed by horses.

The first marathon race was held at the beginning of the modern era of the Olympics in 1896. The marathon is 40 kilometers long or about 25 miles long. This tempub distance is the same as the distance passed by the Greek envoy the myth of Pyudippides from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC. He did it to convey news of the victory of the Greek troops over the Persian invasion.

In 1897, a Boston Marathon was held for marathon running. This marathon sport is the world's oldest annual marathon event and one of the most prestigious events for runners.

Maraton Run Distance

The marathon ran a distance of 26.2 miles or 42 km. The distance is used in an official match by the World Athletic Federation. Why should the marathon run as far as 42 km? It turns out that this distance has also a history of the British royal family.

The marathon distance was initially only about 25 miles or about 40 km. This distance was used in the first modern marathon in 1896. The distance changes began when Queen Alexandra from England asked the marathon competition to start in the grounds of Windsor Castle so that children could watch from their baby's room, and finish in front of the royal box at the Olympic stadium. The distance traveled is 26 miles or 42 km.

The 42 km long distance was later officially designated as a new marathon running standard in 1921. Since then, the Olympic marathon has used the distance that far.

Maraton Run Butter Time

Running a marathon with a distance of 42 km takes about 4 to 5 hours for some runners. However, if runners do not have strong stamina and take a break in the middle of running, then the finishing time can be longer.

Until now, the official marathon world record is still held by Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge. Eliud ran at the 2018 Berlin Marathon at 2:01:39 a.m. Meanwhile, the women's world record was set by Brigadier Kosgei in 2019, who ran at the Chicago Marathon at 2:14:04.

That is the distance of marathons and its long history since the Greek era. If you open marathon running athletes, now you can take part in many marathon events to be able to feel the long run.

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