Knowing MotoGP Sprint Race, New Racing Format Rules Starting In 2023
MotoGP will be held in Kazakhstan. (Photo: Doc. MotoGP)

YOGYAKARTA - MotoGP will implement a new system called Sprint Race starting next season. Sprint Race will be implemented in all Grand Prix starting in 2023. This statement was delivered directly during a press conference on Saturday (20/8) attended by FIM, IRTA, MSMA, and Dorna Sports.

Sprint Race in MotoGP is different from Sprit Race in Formula 1 and WorldSBK. The MotoGP Sprint Race is not a system for determining the strating grid position for Sunday races, but only increasing the portion of races.

The MotoGP Sprint Race is a short race held on Saturday afternoon in each round to increase fans' enthusiasm before Sunday's race. The Sprint Race system will not replace the normal Q1 and Q2 qualifying sessions, which will determine the grid for the sprint race and Sunday.

The sprint race will be held on Saturday at 15.00 a.m. every Grand Prix in the range of half or 50% of the normal race distance. Procedures in the Sprint competition have a grid of 15 minutes. While the rules will be the same as the full-length Grand Prix race which will be held on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the points being chased in the sprint Race are also only half of the normal race. For example, if a rider needs 25 points to win the main podium in Sunday's race, then the sprint Race only needs 12 points.

The following are the producers or points rules in the MotoGP Sprint Race

- Position 1: 12

- Position 2: 9

- Position 3: 7

- Position 4: 6

- Position 5: 5

- Position 6 : 4

- Position 7 : 3

- Position 8 : 2

- Position 9 : 1

Sprint Race is not a determinant on the grid for the Grand Prix race. It could be said that Saturday's race system is free. Drivers don't need to consider Sunday's grid position. Grid for the sprint race and the Grand Prix race will be determined from the qualifiers, which will maintain the Q1-Q2 format.

This new format in MotoGP races will increase the opportunity for engagement for fans, broadcasters, and the media across events and increase the profile of MotoGPTM classes without reducing Moto2TM and Moto3TM classes.

The Sprint Race system presents a new format for MotoGP weekend races. MotoGP riders will have two training sessions on Friday, which is longer. Joint results from FP1 and FP2 will determine the driver who enters qualifying 2.

Then there will be one free practice session for 30 minutes on Saturday morning with regulations similar to FP4, which Q1 and Q2. After that, the sprint Race will be held in the afternoon at 15.00 local time.

That's an explanation of the new Sprint Race system in MotoGP next season. The Sprint Race is aimed at creating a more interesting racing event in Sunday's race.

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