The Identity Of Ruben Dias's New Lover Is Revealed: A Beautiful Cabaret Dancer With A Beautiful Body
Geneva Festa (Instagram @festaginevra)

JAKARTA - The identity of the new lover of Manchester City player Ruben Dias has now been revealed. The soulmate of the player who plays as a defender turns out to be a cabaret dancer.

The two were caught on camera spending a recent vacation in Formentera, Spain.

During the vacation the two were seen so close that they even kissed each other in a few moments on a luxury ship.

Investigating, the figure flanked by Dias turned out to be Ginevra Festa. They were seen together less than a year after Dias separated from his longtime lover.

During his time off the coast of the Balearic Islands, Dias is known not to hesitate to walk hand in hand with Ginevra.

Ginevra who has long legs with a slender body also looks comfortable when with Dias enjoying the beach while basking in the bright sun.

Ginevra has an amazing Instagram page. On the platform she regularly flaunts her absolutely voluptuous figure and stunning dance moves.

In her latest post, she is seen posing with a beautiful bouquet of red and white flowers against a stunning beach backdrop. "The most beautiful gift a woman has ever received," he wrote in the post.

Then in another post, she shared a photo of herself wearing a pink bikini on a speedboat. This bikini is the same color as the one in her photos with Dias.

There are also pictures and videos showing him entertaining the crowd at the Spanish Lio cabaret. She appeared on the catwalk in a dazzling red sequin dress and lace-up boots, in a ponytail.

Ginevra had previously worked in Dubai in one of the 'most glamorous cabaret in the world' shows. There dancers, singers and acrobats entertain guests at dinner.

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