Emotional! Alica Schmidt's Sexiest Runner Cries After Qualifying For The European Championship In Germany
Alica Schmidt (Instagram.com/@alicasmd)

JAKARTA - Alica Schmidt couldn't hide her happy tears. He sobbed after being selected to compete in the European Championships.

The woman who was dubbed the sexiest runner in the world had just appeared at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon. However, this time the focus must immediately shift to the European Championship.

The European Championships will take place in Munich, Germany, which is also Schmidt's home country. This opportunity will allow this sexiest athlete to perform under the direct support of his colleagues and family.

In an interview with German outlet Sport1, Schmidt said he was very enthusiastic about welcoming him. He couldn't even wait to feel the atmosphere on the track.

"I can't wait to feel the atmosphere in the stadium and compete at home and know that my friends and family will support me in the stadium," he said.

After it was confirmed he had the opportunity to appear at the European Championships, Schmidt shared his happiness and hope on Instagram.

"Selected for the individual 400 m in the European championship," opens Schmidt

"Guys, you have no idea what that means to me! That is my main goal this year and I know it will be everything but it will not be easy to achieve it.

"I have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices in the last month to be able to run in Munich in front of the home crowd.

"To be able to reach the goal at this time is the best feeling ever and I'm very happy. Cheers to the most special race of my career so far which I can't wait for," he wrote.

Successfully qualifying for the European Championship which took place at home, Schmidt also set another target. He is eyeing a place to appear at the Paris Olympics in the next two years.

"I know I have what it takes and I'm looking forward to going full speed in the new season," said Schmidt.

After working hard in training to achieve this goal, Schmidt had time to enjoy his free time by going to entertainment venues. She looked stunning in a sexy summer dress with flowing hair.

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