When Lindelof Struggles To Get A Place At Manchester United, His Wife Maja Nilsson Makes Instagram Shock With Tempting Photos
Wife of Manchester United player Victor Lindelof. (Photo: Instagram.con/@majanilssonlindelof)

JAKARTA - The wife of Manchester United player, Victor Lindelof, Maja Nilsson made a scene on Instagram through her vacation photos.

Maja is known to be enjoying her summer vacation in Greece. He went on holiday alone because Lindelof had already started working with Manchester United at Carrington.

The beautiful Swedish woman shocked her followers on Instagram with a seductive photo. Maja looks sexy posing for some selfies in a swimsuit or blue bikini while basking in the sun

This blogger and mother of two also wrote that she was enjoying her own time. The description is also written in Swedish

“One minute to myself and then nuuuuts. I had to ask to talk about it," Maja wrote.

The vacation photo in a blue bikini then got more than 16,000 likes. The comments column was also flooded with more than 243 thousand comments who were fascinated by Maja's beauty.

“WOWOWOWOW,” wrote his follower.

"It's amazing," another commented.

"The only good thing about Manchester United," joked a netizen in the comments column.

Maja chose to take a vacation after taking time off from various projects she was working on. Apart from being a marketing expert, Lindelof's wife is also known as a blog writer and has her own online chat program.

While Maja is enjoying the holidays happily, Lindelof is struggling to get a chance to break into the Manchester United first team. This season, Lindelof has had to contend with Lisandro Martinez, Raphael Varane and captain Harry Maguire.

Martinez and Maguire have been played by Manchester United in the inaugural Premier League 2022/2023 match. In that match, the Red Devils lost by a score of 1-2.

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