Get A Lot Of Money After "Beating" Don Moore, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Will Go To The Arena Again In Abu Dhabi This Year
Floyd Mayweather (Instagram @floydmayweather)

JAKARTA - Floyd Mayweather Jr. won over Don Moore in an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi, Saturday, May 21, local time. He seemed to be having fun in the game.

In his latest appearance, Mayweather "beating" Don Moore for eight rounds. He is also rumored to be getting a big fee for his appearance.

After the fight, Mayweather made a surprising statement. He admitted, had plans to return to Abu Dhabi to do another fight.

Who's the opponent? Mayweather is still tight-lipped.

"I will bring another fight (to Abu Dhabi) this year. Absolutely (I will be back this year). It's a secret. I don't want to let a cat out of the bag right now, but we have an opponent," said Mayweather as reported by MMA Fighting.

He later paid tribute to Don Moore. He also felt happy because he had provided entertainment for the audience.

"I tell the fans that I am here to entertain, to have fun. Don Moore, he is unbeatable, a great fighter. He will always be a champion in my heart," he said.

This is not Floyd Mayweather Jr's first exhibition fight since his retirement. Before fighting Don Moore, the 45-year-old boxer had also beaten Tenshin Nasukawa and faced Logan Paul.

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