Extraordinary! Bilqis Prasista Defeats Akane Yamaguchi In Uber Cup 2022 Final Preliminary Opening Match
Bilqis Prasista (Twitter.com/@INABadminton)

JAKARTA - A surprising and proud achievement was made by the Indonesian women's singles badminton player, Bilqis Prasista. Appearing as the opener in the final preliminary round of Group A of the 2020 Uber Cup, Bilqis succeeded in overthrowing Akane Yamaguchi, who is the representative of Japan with the status of world ranking.

Bilqis's victory was also passed in a short time, namely 35 minutes. Appearing at the Impact Arena, Bangkok on Wednesday, May 10 morning WIB, Bilqis won in two games with a score of 21-19 and 21-19.

Bilqis, who is far adrift in terms of ranking from Akane, appears confident, the 18-year-old badminton player was even able to lead 6-3 from Akane at the beginning of the first game. But, not long after, Akane regained control of the attack to lead 11-9 in the first interval.

After halftime, Bilqis did not want to give up and tried to turn things around by making it difficult for Akane to move. Had been in the twin points of 17-17, the wind of victory then began to lead to Bilqis who was finally able to close the first game with 21-19.

Continuing in the second game, Akane who had been left behind in the previous game showed a change by appearing aggressive. This can be seen from the advantage that Akane made again, in the second half of the game she again won 11-6 over Bilqis.

However, the struggle of the Indonesian team has not ended after the second half. Bilqis was able to rise and continue to gain points until they could equalize to 14-14.

Akane could win again, but Bilqis didn't give up. The Japanese representative again equalized to 18-18. Luckily, Bilqis' struggle at crucial points paid off sweetly, he saved two points which made the match end in a 21-19 victory for Bilqis.

Bilqis' victory over Akane was not only a big surprise, but also an opening point for Indonesia, which was 1-0 up against Japan.

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