Wow! 900 Most Expensive Tickets To Watch The Mandalika MotoGP For Rp15 Million Sold Out
Illustration of the race at the Mandalika Circuit (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The most expensive ticket to watch the MotoGP race at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, for Rp15 million, was sold out a few hours after the sales counter opened on Thursday.

The Mandalika Grand Prix Association provides a quota of 900 Premiere Class tickets to watch the Indonesian Grand Prix for three days on 18-20 March which is priced at Rp15 million.

Premier Class ticket holders will have access to VIP Hospitality Suites which can watch the Grand Prix from the 2nd floor of the pit building in front of the start and finish lines.

In addition, the audience of this class received a pitwalk facility that allowed them to walk in front of the entire team's garage to see the bustle and interact directly with the racers.

"The enthusiasm of racing lovers to watch MotoGP live at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit is truly extraordinary," said Vice President Director of MGPA Cahyadi Wanda as quoted by Antara, Friday.

"Premier Class tickets totaling 900 tickets were immediately attacked by buyers and were sold out on the first day at 16:57 WIB. We apologize if there are potential spectators who did not get tickets for this category. But don't worry, there are still stock tickets from several other ticket categories."

Tickets for the Indonesian Grand Prix which will be held on March 18-20 are divided into five categories, namely General Admission with a total quota of 10,000 tickets, Standard Grandstand with 28,578 tickets, Premium Grandstand with 21,056 tickets, Deluxe Class 2,000 tickets, and Premiere Class 900 tickets. .

Sales of MotoGP tickets for the Premium Grandstand and VIP Hospitality Suites (Premiere Class and Deluxe Class) categories will start on January 6.

Meanwhile, tickets for the General Admission and Standard Grandstand categories were only opened on Tuesday, January 11.

ITDC and MGPA provide daily tickets in the General Admission, Standard Grandstand, and Premium Grandstand categories.

The ticket price for the first day on March 18 is set at Rp115,000-Rp431,250. Meanwhile, for March 19, ticket prices start from Rp287,500-Rp1,150,000, and tickets for race day March 20 are set at Rp575,000-Rp.1,725,000.

The organizers also provide weekend pass packages for Saturday and Sunday from the three categories, starting from Rp805,000 to Rp2,587,000.

For the VIP Hospitality Suites category, 3-day pass tickets that are valid for viewing for three days are sold from Rp10,000,000 - Rp15,000,000.

Those who have pre-booked tickets will get quota priority and will be contacted through the data that has been inputted within a certain period of time.

General Admission ticket holders can enter the circuit area to watch the race from a large screen and view content inside the commercial area but are not eligible for a seat at the grandstand.

Meanwhile, the Standard Grandstand is divided into six seating locations, namely zone C at bend 1, zone D at bend 3, zone E at bend 6, zone F at bend 8, zone G at bend 12, zone H at bend 13, and zone I at bend 14.

The Premium Grandstand is divided into four points, namely zone A at the start and finish area for drivers, zone B at Turn 1, Zone J at Turn 15, and Zone K at Turn 16.

While VIP Hospitality Suites holders for the Premier Class category have viewing access from the 2nd floor of the Pit Building, while Deluxe Class can watch in the VIP Village which is adjacent to the paddock.

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