Facing Borneo FC, Persija Aims For Victory For The 93rd Anniversary Gift
Angelo Alessio (Instagram @Persija_Jkt)

JAKARTA - Persija Jakarta will continue their struggle in the Liga 1 competition against Borneo FC. The meeting in the 14th week will be used by Persija to win as a gift on the 93rd anniversary.

Persija celebrates its 93rd anniversary on Sunday, November 28. The Persija staff will not waste this moment.

Not only players, coach Angelo Alessio also has the ambition to win the match against Borneo FC to be able to give the best gift on a special day.

"Persija will play well and win. We want to celebrate Persija's 93rd birthday. I have confidence in my team in tomorrow's match (against Borneo FC)," said Alessio, quoted from the club's official website.

The match against Borneo FC was only a few days after the Kemayoran Tigers faced Bali United. Even so, Alessio still believes in the abilities of his foster children.

"We only have a few days to prepare this team even though the rest period is quite short after the match against Bali. But I remain confident and the players are ready for tomorrow's match," said Alessio.

Furthermore, Alessio also said that the team had made thorough preparations. Because, the moment against Borneo FC is not only a momentum to present gifts but also a spark of enthusiasm to rise to the top of the standings.

"I am optimistic about my team because I have prepared well. And hopefully tomorrow the players can play well and we can win and boost our position on the table," explained Alessio.

The match against Boreno FC will take place tomorrow at 20.45 WIB at the Moch Soebroto Stadium, Magelang

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