PBSI Ensures Pelatnas Members Are Not Involved In Scoring
PBSI Illustration (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The management of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PP PBSI) has confirmed that the eight athletes accused by the World Badminton Federation (BWF) of being involved in scoring or other illegal acts are not members of the Cipayung National Team.

"It can be ascertained that the eight badminton players who were punished by BWF were not athletes from the PBSI National Pelatnas in Cipayung, East Jakarta," said Head of Public Relations and Media for PP PBSI Broto Happy in a written message quoted from Antara in Jakarta, Friday.

This firm statement was issued by PBSI in response to the news from BWF which stated that eight Indonesian badminton players were involved in illegal actions, including arranging matches deliberately to lose, manipulating match results, arranging match results, and betting money by gambling.

Through their official statement, PBSI explained that when they took action that injured sportsmanship from 2015 to 2017, the eight athletes also did not have status as members of the national team for the residents of the Cipayung National Pelatnas.

"PBSI condemns this despicable act which has injured the noble values of sport that should be upheld by every athlete, such as sportsmanship, fair play, respect, honesty and fairness," Broto emphasized.

On Friday, BWF announced the involvement of eight Indonesian badminton players in the practice of match-fixing or match-fixing for money.

In its report, BWF said that the eight players were proven to have violated regulations regarding scoring, manipulation, and gambling in badminton matches based on the results of investigations and interviews of the perpetrators.

For these violations, the panel imposed sanctions ranging from fines in the amount of US $ 7,000 (Rp. 99 million) to US $ 12,000 (Rp. 170 million), to a life ban.

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