PBSI Plans Another Internal Competition Because There Is No Official Competition Yet
PBSI Internal Competition will be held again. (Doc. PBSI)

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) plans to hold another internal competition. This is to close the void because there is no official competition.

As is well known, PBSI has withdrawn from the 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup. In addition, Indonesian badminton players also canceled participating in several events taking place in Denmark. The cause is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, PBSI had held two internal competitions. First, PBSI Home Tournament. Then the PBSI Thomas & Uber Cup Simulation.

The plan is that PBSI will hold a third internal tournament. Later, this next internal competition will involve all sectors and in a team format.

"If there is no (tournament) yet, we have plans to hold another internal tournament in the near future," said Secretary General of PBSI, Ahmad Budiharto, in an interview with Mola TV.

He said the next format might use the Sudirman Cup format. The reason is, the third internal tournament involves all sectors.

Ahmad Budiharto said, PBSI saw many benefits from this simulation tournament. Managers and coaches can see the cooperation and hard work of the players.

"The two experiences of this tournament also provide important lessons for us as an organization. This can be a reference," said the Secretary General of PBSI.

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