Verstappen Says He Was Responsible For The Collision With Hamilton

JAKARTA - Red Bull racer, Max Verstappen gave a response about himself being considered the most responsible for the collision incident with his rival, Lewis Hamilton in the F1 GP of Saudi Arabia.

The collision incident involving Verstappen and Hamilton occurred on Monday, December 6 at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. Formula 1 race supervisors said Verstappen was most responsible for the incident and he was awarded two penalties.

First, Verstappen received a five-second penalty for cutting corners to maintain his positional advantage while defending against Hamilton's attacks. The second penalty was an additional 10 seconds after the race, for causing a collision as he tried to give Hamilton pole position.

Just then the race supervisor found Verstapen braking suddenly and erratically. Regarding his defensive maneuvers on lap 37, Verstappen said he did not understand why he was given a five-second penalty.

Regarding the first penalty which called for him to brake suddenly, Verstappen said that he was there and Hamilton was behind him even though he wanted to let Hamilton pass.

"I turned to the right and I slowed the car down and I braked, downshifted and he was very close behind me," Verstappen said.

Accused of braking suddenly and causing Hamilton to crash, Verstappen told the truth.

"I was going slower, downshifted and then we had a miscommunication or whatever and he hit my backside and that's what happened," he explained.

From a racing perspective, they thought that Hamilton could actually overtake when Verstappen slowed down. But they understand why in the end Hamilton or Verstappen didn't do it.

That's because these two riders don't want to be in the front towards the DRS zone which can make anyone in front vulnerable to being overtaken by the rider behind them.

Talking about his defensive maneuvers on lap 37, Verstappen said he didn't understand why he was given a five-second penalty.

"I found it interesting that I was the only one who got a penalty when we both went off the white line. You could clearly see we both missed the corner," said Verstappen.

"I think we've been talking a lot more about white lines and penalties lately than real Formula 1 racing," he said.

Although considered most responsible for the collision incident with Hamilton, Verstappen still has the right to maintain the runner-up position behind Hamilton after the race.

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