Police Pursue The Gang Of Thieves That Killed TransJakarta Employees

JAKARTA - The Cakung Police Criminal Investigation Unit is still hunting for a gang of armed robbers who killed Sigit Priantono (34) Transjakarta Bus Service Officer (PLB).

Sigit was found dead at a Transjakarta bus stop, Ujung Menteng area, Cakung.

"We are still investigating the testimony of the witness. The field team is already moving," said the Cakung Sector Police Chief Kompol Satria when confirmed by reporters, Wednesday, October 27, evening.

The police chief said that his party was pursuing the perpetrators of the robbery.

"Hopefully in the near future the perpetrators can be arrested. Be patient, please take time," he said.

Sigit became a victim of robbery after being attacked by five perpetrators. The perpetrators took Sigit's cellphone. The victim received stab wounds to his left arm and under his armpit.

Confirmed separately, Rahmawati (30), the victim's wife said that her late husband died of blood loss at Ananda Cakung Hospital.

"The doctor said the big vein was broken so it couldn't be helped," he said.

Rahmawati hopes that the perpetrators will soon be caught by the police.

"Hopefully the culprits are caught quickly, so that other people don't feel what I feel. I'm the only one who feels it, I feel sorry for those left behind," he said.

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