Social Service Of Temanggung Distributes JPS 2021 Worth Rp800 Million, Targets Elderly, Disabled And Poor Families
Temanggung Regent M. Al Khadziq handed over social safety net assistance to a resident (ANTARA)

TEMANGGUNG - The Social Service of Temanggung Regency, Central Java distributed social safety net assistance (JPS) in 2021 worth Rp800 million.

The head of the Temanggung Regency Social Service, Prasojo, said that this assistance was given to underprivileged people who had not been touched by government assistance because they did not meet the requirements as recipients of assistance.

This assistance was given to 100 elderly recipients, five recipients of displaced people on the way, four viral cases, 132 people with disabilities, 50 poor families, 47 poor families through PKH and 40 neglected through home care programs.

"There are a total of 378 cases that received this assistance, from the plan as many as 422 individuals or families," he said after the handover of aid at the Social Service Office of Temanggung Regency, Antara, Wednesday, October 27.

He said that each case will receive different assistance. For the elderly, they will receive IDR 1 million, displaced people on the way IDR 100,000, viral cases IDR 3.5 million, people with disabilities IDR 2 million, home care cases IDR 3 million.

Furthermore, basic food assistance of Rp. 1 million per family head and PKH social assistance assistance of a maximum of Rp. 3 million.

According to him, the distribution of aid will be done in stages. The first phase was carried out in September 2021, then the second phase of assistance was distributed in October 2021.

Social assistance through JPS is an activity to be able to solve problems for those who need social welfare services (PPKS) both individuals and families who experience problems in meeting basic needs.

The Regent of Temanggung M. Al Khadziq said that the Social Service was trying to provide assistance to the underprivileged, who so far have not received assistance from government programs.

According to him, this step is very helpful for the community, because so far the people who have received assistance from the JPS program have not received any assistance at all.

"This assistance is given to underprivileged communities who do not meet the requirements for receiving social assistance from the existing government, meaning that being registered as a recipient of PKH assistance does not meet the requirements, BPNT also does not meet the requirements, even for recipients of BLT village funds do not meet the requirements, they can get help through this program," he said.

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