Ganjar Orders To All Regents And Mayors In Central Java: Prepare Refugees That Meet Prokes Standards
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo. (Photo: Vishnu Adhi/Antara)
JAKARTA - Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo asked all regents and mayors to prepare refugee camps that meet health protocol standards related to potential natural disasters during the rainy season.
"I asked them to prepare refugee places based on health protocols. This experience was carried out last year, so now it's just an example. Don't ignore it, if something happens and people evacuate, the process should not be ignored", he said in Semarang, reported Antara, Monday, October 25.
This was conveyed by Ganjar in response to a series of earthquakes that occurred in Salatiga City and Semarang Regency.
"I ask everyone to be on standby, those in Semarang Regency have already prepared, they are making tents. Meanwhile, I ask everyone to 'stand by' if the movement is not finished later", he said.

Ganjar revealed that there were refugees from the earthquake in Semarang Regency and occupied the tents that had been prepared.
"But I don't know whether they 'stay' or not. I plan to see them", he said.
Regarding the impact of the series of earthquakes, Ganjar admitted that he had not received a report.
"It has not been calculated whether there were any losses due to the earthquake", he said.
The BMKG noted that there had been a series of earthquakes in Salatiga, Banyubiru, Bawen, and Ambarawa, Central Java Province since Saturday, October 20, at 00.32 WIB triggered by an active fault.

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