President Director Of Jakpro Reveals That JIS Field Rental Queue Is Full Until Next Year
JIS Sighting (Photo: Screenshot of Jakpro Group Youtube)

JAKARTA - President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Widi Amanasto claims that many parties are interested in renting a training field at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) until next year.

He conveyed this after receiving a visit from the DKI Jakarta Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD) at the stadium located in North Jakarta.

"There are already many fans by next year. So, it's almost full," said Widi at JIS, North Jakarta, Friday, October 22.

In fact, said Widi, currently the progress of the construction of the JIS stadium has not been completed. Entering the 111th week of construction, the construction realization reached 76.52 percent.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the people who want to experience playing soccer at the JIS stadium, Widi said that his party will set a field rental rate at the end of the month. The rental is done online.

"The field rental payment system is carried out online. We have prepared the application. The tariff will be inaugurated on the 28th," said Widi.

Furthermore, Widi said, for the progress of the construction of the stadium's superior features, it has entered the finishing stage. This stage includes a corporate box, media room, royal lounge, press conference room, and locker room home and away.

Meanwhile, the main stadium grass is almost 100 percent installed. "God willing, our target until the end of this month the progress can reach 80 percent," he said.

For information, the unofficial launch (soft launching) of the stadium will be carried out on December 10, 2021. While the grand launching or inauguration of JIS is scheduled to take place in March 2022.

It is said that JIS will become a FIFA standard stadium, making it the largest in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia. The stadium with a capacity of 82 thousand spectators is also the third-largest stadium in the world.

The technology installed in this stadium includes the lifting of the stadium roof structure with the heaviest weight being lifted simultaneously, the first stadium to use an open-closed roof system, and the first green building stadium with platinum certification.

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