Surabaya Zero COVID-19 Cemetery For 2 Weeks

SURABAYA - The Head of the Surabaya Cleanliness and Green Open Space Service (DKRTH), Anna Fajriatin, said that there were zero deaths from COVID-19 during her week. This condition occurred in line with the decline in COVID-19 cases in the City of Heroes.

"Thank God, it's been two weeks since the funeral procession for the bodies of COVID-19 cases, both at the Keputih TPU and at the Babat Acne TPU, has reached zero," said Anna, her nickname, in Surabaya, Thursday, October 21.

In addition to the Keputih TPU and Babat Acne TPU, Anna said that the procession for cremation of the bodies at the Keputih Crematorium using health procedures was also recorded to be nil.

"Thank God the cremation procession at the crematorium is zero," he said.

Meanwhile, the coffin that had been prepared by the Surabaya City Government until now there are still 200 coffins left. According to Anna, the coffin was prepared for Surabaya City residents who need it as a funeral procession due to exposure to COVID-19.

"The coffin is intended for Surabaya residents. We have prepared this crate to provide convenience to family members who died," he said.

It is also possible that if there are no Surabaya residents who need a coffin for the COVID-19 funeral procession, then the coffin can be used for residents who need it.

"For residents who want it, they can be asked, because conditions have started to improve. So this coffin can be used for funerals other than prokes. Residents who need the coffin can directly communicate with us or the Tomb UPTD," he concluded.

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