Ali Sadikin Street Naming Asked By DPRD Chair, Deputy Governor Of DKI Makes Sure It Will Be Granted
Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria/DOC Diah Ayu-VOI

JAKARTA - Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria confirmed that his party would accept the proposal of the Chairman of the DPRD DKI Prasetyo Edi Marsudi to name the streets in Jakarta with Ali Sadikin Street.

"Later, we will follow up again. The Transportation Service has the task to ensure the naming of the road for Bung Ali Sadikin," said Riza at DKI City Hall, Central Jakarta, Thursday, October 21.

However, Riza admitted that he did not know which road would be converted to Ali Sadikin Street. In this case, the chairman of the DKI DPRD asked to change the name on Kebon Sirih Street.

"It will be conveyed by Kadishub (about the location for naming Ali Sadiki Street)," he said.

Previously, Chairman of the DKI DPRD Prasetyo Edi Marsudi urged DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to name Kebon Sirih Street with the name Ali Sadikin. This is because until now the proposal for the name of the Ali Sadikin street has not been heeded by Anies.

"Ali Sadikin is clearly a figure and a meritorious figure for Jakarta. The proposal for naming the streets of Kebon Sirih, Gambir, Central Jakarta to Ali Sadikin is also a decision from the plenary meeting. But where? Until now there has been no decision for a governor regulation," said Prasetyo.

The PDIP politician considered that Anies should have known and prioritized the study of which figures deserve to be remembered and deserve to be used as street names.

"So it is necessary to look at the principle of feasibility. Who is the most worthy and worthy wisely. Now, who doesn't know Ali Sadikin and his services for Jakarta," said Prasetyo.

As is known, Prasetyo's wish about naming Kebon Sirih Street to Ali Sadikin was conveyed at a plenary meeting to commemorate the 494th anniversary of the City of Jakarta at the DKI DPRD building.

Prasetyo considers that Ali Sadikin's role in leading the capital from 1977 to 1977 has made Jakarta develop to this day. Therefore, the embedding of the name Ali Sadikin was carried out to commemorate his services.

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