SAR Team Is Still Looking For A Drowned Man In Kedaton Lake, Tangerang Regency
SAR team looking for a drowned man in Kedaton Lake/Photo: IST

TANGERANG - Head of the Jakarta SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) Search and Rescue Office, Hendra Sudirman, dispatched rescue personnel to search for drowning victims in Kedaton Lake, Cikupa, Tangerang Regency.

The victim was identified as Slamet (25). He was declared drowned in Lake Kedaton, Cikupa. According to information gathered, Slamet had previously swam in the lake. But allegedly exhausted, Slamet drowned in the lake.

"We are deploying personnel and coordinating SAR operations with joint SAR elements. We are still searching for people drowning in Kedaton Lake," he said when contacted by VOI, Thursday, October 21, evening.

The search, he continued, was carried out by dividing into three areas. The first SRU conducted a search by sweeping the surface of the water using a rubber boat at a radius of 1 kilometer from the incident site.

"The second SRU conducts a search by diving if conditions permit with a radius of 5 meters around the incident location, and the third SRU conducts a search around the lakeside by land with a radius of approximately 600 meters," said Hendra.

As of Thursday night, the joint SAR team was still searching for the victim. The officers involved in the search consisted of the Jakarta Search and Rescue Office, Tangerang Regency BPBD, Cikupa Police, Cikupa Koramil, IEA and the local community.

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