KPAI's Online Complaint Data Allegedly Leaked And Sold In The Dark Forum

JAKARTA - The data on online complaints from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) is suspected to have been leaked and traded in cyberspace.

KPAI Commissioner Jasra Putra confirmed the alleged data leak. Jasra said the leaked database allegedly came from an online complaint service on their official website.

"We have an online complaint system based on the website, it is suspected that this data was hacked," said Jasra, quoted by Antara, Thursday, October 21.

Hackers are suspected of selling KPAI data they stole on the dark site RaidForum. Screenshots circulating show the data being sold under the name "KPAI Leaked Database".

The hackers also provided data samples including full name, email address, gender, date of birth, religion and nationality.

Currently, they have submitted the alleged data hacking case to the National Police Headquarters.

According to Jasra, a team had already checked the alleged leak on Tuesday, October 19. KPAI also plans to make a report to the police regarding this leaked data issue.

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