Responding Casually To Andi Arief's Tweet About An Offer Of IDR 100 Billion, Prof Yusril: As SBY Said, I Am Concerned
Yusril Ihza Mahenra (Photo: ANTARA DOC)

JAKARTA - Chairman of the Bappilu Democrat Party, Andi Arief, tweeted about Yusril Ihza Mahendra, who is now Moeldoko's attorney. Andi Arief had no idea that Yusril could change direction because the IDR 100 billion proposals submitted to the AHY Democrats were rejected.

Andi Arief's tweet was conveyed on his Twitter account, @Andiarief_ quoted on Wednesday, September 29. "This is Prof @Yusrilihza_Mhd, we will definitely face JR's lawsuit. Don't worry", Andi wrote.

"We just didn't think that because the Democratic Party couldn't pay your offer of 100 billion as a lawyer, you would switch to the Moeldoko KLB", he added.

When confirmed by VOI, Yusril replied to Andi's tweet casually. For Yusril, what was conveyed by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono's (AHY) subordinates was just a passing thing.

"As Mr. SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) said, I am concerned about Andi Arief's words. Think of it as the wind, don't respond", Yusril said.

For information, Yusril Ihza Mahendra was appointed by the Democrats as a result of the Deli Serdang KLB to submit a Judicial Review on the 2020 Democratic Party's Articles of Association / Bylaws to the Supreme Court.

The JR includes the formal and material examination of the AD/ART (Statutes and bylaws) of the Democratic Party with the respondent the Minister of Law and Human Rights as the party that ratifies the AD/ART of the political party.

"Advocates Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Yuri Kemal Fadlullah confirmed media inquiries that their law office Ihza & Ihza Law Firm SCBD-Bali Office represented the legal interests of four members of the Democratic Party submitting a judicial review to the Supreme Court", Yusril said in a press release.

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