Bobby Nasution's Intention To Revitalize Medan Merdeka Square, Supported By Governor Edy Rahmayadi
Gubsu Edy Rahmayadi and Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution (Instagram bobbynst)

MEDAN - The Medan Merdeka Square revitalization plan initiated by Mayor Bobby Nasution is supported by the Governor of North Sumatra (Gubsu) Edy Rahmayadi.

This was discovered when Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution attended a coordination meeting with North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi in T Rizal Nurdin Hall of the Governor's official residence, Jalan Sudirman, Medan, Monday, September 20.

A number of issues related to integrated infrastructure development were discussed in the meeting. Including, the plan to revitalize Merdeka Square.

Besides Bobby Nasution, the coordination meeting was also attended by the Regent of Deliserdang H Ashari Tambunan and the Regional Secretary of Binjai Irwansyah Nasution as well as a number of leaders of regional apparatus organizations (OPD) within the Medan City Government.

Quoted from a written statement from the Medan City Government Kominfo Service, the meeting also discussed flood prevention efforts by normalizing three rivers that cross Medan City, namely the Deli, Babura and Bedera rivers.

"God willing, the program will soon be realized," said Bobby Nasution.

After the meeting, Bobby Nasution said the Medan City Government was waiting for further instructions from the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding PPKM.

“In principle, we are waiting and hopefully going down. If viewed from other categories, hopefully it can go down to Level III. But we are waiting for the Minister of Home Affairs to make a decision," he said.

Bobby Nasution said the Medan City Government had also corrected the data collection.

Furthermore, regarding the bed occupancy rate (BOR) of hospitals in the city of Medan, Bobby Nasution said, it has fallen considerably and is now below 30 percent.

Meanwhile, the ICU is still close to 30 percent, hospitalization is below 25 percent, and the cure rate is increasing.

Meanwhile, the fatality rate continues to decline and is now below 2 percent and the cure rate is over 98 percent. Likewise, the occupancy rate of the 3 centralized isolation places (isoters) owned by the Medan City Government also continues to decline.

"Hopefully, this decline can be maintained and stabilized," said Bobby Nasution.

But President Jokowi's son-in-law asked Medan residents not to be euphoric and continue to urge them to always maintain health protocols. In addition, Pemko Medan continues to promote vaccination in order to accelerate the realization of herd immunity.

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