Banser Visits Banyuwangi Police, Reports Facebook Account @Endog Ceplok That Insults 2 Ulama

BANYUWANGI - Banser from Cluring District, came to the Banyuwangi Police to report the @Endog Ceplok Facebook account belonging to a resident.

This report started with uploading the status of the Facebook account @Endog Ceplok which allegedly insulted two well-known clerics from the village of Plampangrejo.

There is also a post that reads, "When sing jare claims to be ulama and community leaders no longer function as they should... Then the victims are the people... as well as the community. Hope everyone is safe #Plampangrejo," reads the post on July 30, 2021.

"The account owner himself admits that the Facebook status upload was addressed to two kiai, namely KH Solehan Arosyid and KH Nur Hadi As'ari. So the kiai feels that his name has been defamed," said Head of the Cluring District Banser Headquarters, Fatkhur Rohman Sodiq at the Banyuwangi Police Headquarters, Monday, September 20.

Prior to being policed, this matter had actually been mediated several times. But so far Banser assesses that there is no good faith that the account owner is trying to show.

"Even though I'm just apologizing, as the account owner, I'm still reluctant to do it," he said.

Banser reported the account owner because he felt his cleric was being harassed. "They are considered as scholars who do not sell and who cannot get envelopes. Therefore, Banser must move and defend the clerics," he said.

Meanwhile, Banyuwangi Police Head General Ismadi confirmed the complaint from Banser. "Yes, it is true that there was a complaint that came in and we have received it," he said.

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