COVID Slopes, Tangerang Regency Government Ensures Pilkades In 77 Villages To Take Place October 10, 2021
Regional Secretary (Sekda) Tangerang Regency, Moch Maesyal Rasyid (ANTARA)

TANGERANG - The Tangerang Regency Government, Banten Province, has ensured the implementation of simultaneous village head elections (pilkades) in 77 villages in the area on October 10, 2021.

Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Tangerang Regency, Moch Maesyal Rasyid said the decision to implement the Pilkades was determined based on the results of the coordination meeting of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) of Tangerang Regency.

"There are 77 villages in the simultaneous Pilkades in 2021, so hopefully we can prepare and optimize this in the COVID-19 pandemic situation," he said in Tangerang, Antara, Monday, September 20.

Another consideration in deciding the Pilkades to be held is the reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases in Tangerang Regency.

"Currently, COVID-19 cases have begun to decline, starting from the occupancy rate of hospitals decreasing, the recovery rate increasing. So this is one of the considerations for the Tangerang Regent Ahmed, Zaki Iskandar, to be carried out on October 10, 2021," he said.

He revealed, to anticipate the spread of COVID in the implementation of the village head election, the government will accelerate the provision of vaccines, either by the TNI-Polri or the local Health Service.

"Later on, they will have to be vaccinated on the day of the election for the village head in one polling station with 500 voters, at least 50 percent," he said.

He said, because the schedule for the village head election had been determined, his party asked the sub-district head, village head and RT/RW in each region to participate in socializing and inviting the community to immediately get vaccinated.

"Of course we are trying and have already disseminated it to the community through the sub-district head, then the village head, village head, RT/RW to invite the community to want to be vaccinated, so that the Pilkades implementation runs safely," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Tangerang Regency Community Empowerment and Village Government Service (DPMPD), Dadan Gandana, added that his party was ready to carry out the 2021 simultaneous village elections in Tangerang Regency by complying with health protocols.

"God willing, we are ready, tomorrow we will also consult again with the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the procedures for implementing the village head election by implementing health procedures," he said.

He admitted, for the technical mechanism for its implementation, his party had prepared it long ago. Starting from the fulfillment of health protocol facilities and infrastructure to providing briefing to 12,000 voting committee officers and the existing Voting Organizing Group (KKPS).

"We have prepared everything, starting from the facilities and infrastructure according to health protocols. Such as masks, hand washing stations and disposable gloves for people who will vote later. And so will the technical calculations at TPS, until we will recapitulate the ballots. talk about it again," he said.

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