4 Naughty Village Heads For Drug Users Hold First Trial In Jember District Court
The online trial of 4 village heads in East Java (ANTARA)

JEMBER - Four inactive village heads (kades) who were accused of drug abuse cases underwent a virtual inaugural trial at the Cakra Court Room, Jember District Court, East Java today.

The four defendants in the drug case are the Wonojati Village Head, Jenggawah District with the initials MM, the Tempurejo Village Head, Tempurejo District with the MA, the Tamansari Village Head, Wuluhan District with the initial ST, and the Glundengan Village Head, Wuluhan District with the initial HH.

The trial was opened by Chief Justice I Wayan Gede Rumega with two members of the assembly, Totok Yanuarto and Alfonsus Hanak. The four village heads are in the Class II A Penitentiary (Lapas) of Jember.

"The defendant was charged with violating Article 114 paragraph 1 junto Article 132 paragraph 1 of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics," said Jember Public Prosecutor Yuri A. Putra during a trial at the Jember District Court, Antara, Monday, September 20.

After the public prosecutor finished reading his indictment, the trial was adjourned to next week with the agenda of reading the exception from the defendant or the defendant's legal counsel.

Previously, the ranks of Sub-Directorate I of the Directorate of Drug Investigation of the East Java Regional Police arrested four individual village heads in Jember Regency for being involved in a case of drug abuse of the type of methamphetamine.

The arrests of the four village heads were carried out by the East Java Regional Police for two days in Jember, namely on Wednesday, June 9 to Thursday, June 10, with the perpetrators being arrested at their respective homes.

The East Java Police secured 2.77 grams of evidence from the MA perpetrators and 1.76 grams from the MM perpetrators, so that the four village heads were charged with Article 114 paragraph (1) and Article 132 Article (1) letter a Junto Law no. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics with a maximum penalty of 15 years and a minimum of 4 years in prison.

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