Home Affairs Minister Tito's Loud Voice In The DPR, Disagrees With The KPU's Proposal On The Time Of The 2024 Presidential Election
Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian/Instagra,m

JAKARTA - Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, asked Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) to postpone the determination of the D day of the 2024 General Election to be decided today. The reason is, the Ministry of Home Affairs has a different proposal from the General Elections Commission (KPU).

"We ask that the 2024 voting date be decided at the Commission II working meeting, at the next meeting, before the recess", Tito said in a working meeting with the DPR, Thursday, September 9.

The Minister of Home Affairs proposed that the elections for the legislative and presidential elections or the 2024 elections be held in April or May. While the KPU proposed February 21, 2024.

"We propose that the voting day be held in April as in previous years or if it is still possible May 2024", said Tito.

Because, if the 2024 election voting is held in February, the KPU proposes that the stages start in January 2022.

According to the former National Police Chief, that time will have an impact on several things. Starting from the polarization in society, political stability and security, to the execution of central and local government programs.

Moreover, he said, the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing national economic recovery. "So within this period, the government will hold an internal meeting", he said.

As for the Regional Head Election, Tito stated that there was no problem with the KPU's proposal on November 27, 2024. He said Law Number 10 of 2016 concerning the Regional Head Election had indeed required the Election 2024 to be held in November.

"So we think that the proposal for Wednesday, November 27, will not be a problem. We from the government will support it", said Tito Karnavian.

Previously, Tito had also rejected the General Election Commission's (KPU) proposal regarding the D day of the 2024 Election which fell on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

"In terms of elections, we propose that the D day be held in April like the previous year's elections. Or even if it is still possible in May 2024", Tito said Thursday, September 16.

The reason for the acceleration of the D day of the 2024 General Election is because it clashes with the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. In addition, there is a fear of polarization in society if the time for the presidential election is too long.

"To be efficient because voting will have an impact backward on stages, this has an impact on polarization, security stability, execution of local and central government programs and all have an impact", said Tito.

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