PKS Party Asks Indonesian Government To Support Taliban's Control In Afghanistan
Hidayat Nur Wahid. (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - Deputy Chairman of the PKS Party Syuro Council Hidayat Nur Wahid (HNW) asked the Indonesian government to support the current rule of the Taliban group in Afghanistan.

Because, said HNW, the Taliban have declared several things, such as claiming that they will respect the rights of women and children, will not tolerate acts of terrorism, and carry out moderate government.

He said this in a virtual discussion entitled 'The Future of Afghanistan and the Role of Indonesian Peace Diplomacy' organized by the Center for Reform.

"Currently, the most rational choice for the Indonesian government is to accompany the process of change that is taking place in Afghanistan. We are giving the Afghan people the opportunity to compromise to determine their own destiny", said HNW on Saturday, August 21.

Personally, HNW admits to welcoming the current change in the attitude of the Taliban. He views, the current Taliban group is becoming more moderate. So, according to him, the international world can provide an opportunity for the Taliban government to lead Afghanistan.

"If you want to call it a place of terrorism, ISIS, in fact the Taliban actually executed ISIS leaders who were previously arrested. If you want to be accused of being Wahhabis and radicals, the fact is that they follow the Hanafi school whose culture and religious traditions are the same as NU. So, all negative accusations that have been directed at the Taliban have been no longer relevant", he explained.

Furthermore, the Deputy Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI) said that although Indonesia's political stance is free and active, it does not mean that it does not give an attitude to the fate of the people in Afghanistan.

According to him, Indonesia cannot help but take a stand and give the Afghan people the opportunity to compromise to determine their own destiny.

"Indonesia must also play an active role in realizing world peace as mandated in the Preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia", said HNW.

As previously reported, the Taliban succeeded in entering the capital Kabul and occupying the presidential palace on Sunday, August 15, making President Ashraf Ghani flee and foreign countries trying to evacuate diplomats, foreign missions and civilians in Afghanistan.

The successive attacks carried out by the Taliban made it much faster for them to take control of Afghanistan. This is a far cry from US intelligence estimates that the Taliban will besiege Kabul within 30 days and capture the city in 90 days of successive attacks.

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