Denies Not Checking STRP At Blocking Points, Polda Metro: 2 Million People Already Have
Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo / ANTARA

JAKARTA - Polda Metro Jaya has denied the issue that there is no longer any examination of Worker Registration Certificates (STRP) at the isolation points.

Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo said the examination was still being carried out. However, the inspection pattern has changed slightly.

"People have shown STRP from afar. So then they have to be released at the mobility restriction point," Sambodo told reporters, Tuesday, August 3.

In fact, Sambodo said that based on data, the number of people who have STRP reaches millions of people. Thus, the inspection pattern must be slightly modified.

"It's still being investigated. This data shows almost 2 million people who hold STRP. When STRP becomes a requirement to cross the point of mobility restrictions," he said.

In addition, Sambodo also mentioned the effect of decreasing mobility with traffic accidents. Because, with the lack of motorist activity, the accident rate automatically decreases.

However, what happened was the opposite. The accident rate increased during the PPKM level 4 when compared to the emergency PPKM in the first week. This means that community mobility is still quite high.

"The conclusion is that there was a decrease in the number of accidents and fatalities during the emergency PPKM period. However, entering the first 4 weeks of PPKM there was an increase in the number of victims. So the point is that along with increased mobility, there will also be an increase in traffic accidents in terms of number and fatality," said Sambodo.

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