Criticized For Prank Rp2 Trillion Akidi Tio, Ade Armando Martial: Instead Of Prank Must Choose Governor Of Faith
Lecturer and Communication Expert at the University of Indonesia (UI) Ade Armando (Photo: Capture of CokroTV)

JAKARTA - The name of the University of Indonesia lecturer Ade Armando has become a public conversation following an excerpt from a statement on Cokro TV's Youtube channel some time ago. In the video, Ade Armando praises the family of the late businessman Akidi Tio who made a donation of IDR 2 trillion.

Netizens brought up Ade's statement following the unclear donations given by the deceased's family. Currently, South Sumatra Police investigators are still digging up information from the deceased's family regarding whether the donation was true or not.

"The family of businessman Akidi Tio donated Rp. 2 trillion, not Rp. 2 billion. All the money, not using sand. Mr. Akidi Tio himself died in 2009 and he and his family have a very low profile," said Ade Armando's statement which was spread on Twitter.

With 'attacks' from criticism to satire on Twitter, Ade Armando also defended himself through a tweet on his personal account, @adearmando1. Ade said the Rp2 trillion prank did not harm anyone.

"Compare with the prank of having to choose a governor of a faith that destroys the nation," said Ade, quoted by VOI, Tuesday, August 3.

Screenshot Twitter @adearmando1

The Director of General Criminal Investigation at the South Sumatra Police, Kombes Hisar Siallangan, said investigators had conducted an examination, and all the information provided by the four people guaranteed that the money was there and would be disbursed, Tuesday, through Bank Mandiri's bilyet giro.

"At first it was like that (disbursement of funds) but we'll hear about it later," he said.

According to him, before the funds must be available and proven through disbursement, the four people, namely a daughter named Heriyanti, the waiting child of Rudi Sutadi, the grandson of the late Akidi and the family's personal doctor, Dr. Hardi Darmawan, will be closely guarded by the police.

"All information is maximized to fulfill legal construction, especially to ensure whether or not there are funds worth Rp. 2 trillion," he said.

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