Gibran 'Jokowi' Gibran 'Jokowi': Gives A 'Special Gift' To Men Who Go Viral Bartering Shoes With Milk From Children, Gibran 'Jokowi': Today!
Wali Kota Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka (Photo:

SOLO - A man in Solo, Central Java went viral after uploading a status containing an invitation to exchange his shoes for milk for his son. This upload received the attention of netizens including the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

On Tuesday, August 3 today, Gibran summoned the uploader to Surakarta City Hall. It is known that the man named Arif Nugroho, Citizen of Lewayan, Solo and has 3 children.

Gibran gave Arif a special gift by appointing him as Community Protection Staff (Linmas) at the Sondakan Village Head Office, Laweyan, Surakarta.

"Let Mas Arif have a permanent job, that's the most important thing. Today the task has started," said Gibran to the media crew.

The eldest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) added that the Solo City Government has a big commitment to the people affected by the COVID pandemic. Not only Arif, every citizen who has not been touched by state aid will be taken seriously.

"If there are orphans like Ade-ade, education must be guaranteed, social assistance from our ministries makes sure everything is distributed, there is no extortion and is right on target. We have prepared people who have not been touched from the APBD. pursuing economic recovery," explained Gibran.

With this incident, Gibran hopes that the lurah, sub-district or all regional officials will be more sensitive to the surrounding residents. Don't let all the complaints, or problems in your new viral life get attention.

"Don't wait for it to go viral, because the village heads are always active in the area. Yesterday I emphasized that there were residents who couldn't eat, children couldn't go to school. The point is don't wait for it to go viral, you have to move under to understand the situation," said Gibran.

At the same location, Arif admitted that he did not expect to get a positive response from netizens, including the Surakarta Police. He is grateful for this job because every month there is a steady income to support his family.

Arif admitted that he had the money to buy his child's milk. It's just that the money is used to repair motorbikes which are the focus of earning income.

Unfortunately, even though the money has been used to repair, the motor has not functioned normally. Arif is confused, what else should he do to buy his child's milk.

Finally he ventured to upload the shoe barter with milk for his son on his Facebook account.

"I also didn't expect the Surakarta Police Chief and the Mayor to respond. I'm grateful," said Arif.

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