Admits Not Believing In Donations Of IDR 2 Trillion Akidi Tio, Mahfud MD: Since The Past, Many People Have Been Like That
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD (Photo: Twitter @mohmahfudmd)

JAKARTA - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD said from the start he did not believe Akidi Tio's family who claimed to be donating Rp2 trillion for the handling of COVID-19.

He even satirized those who believed in the fantastic amount of donations through his Twitter account.

"I wasn't sure from the start that it existed because adventurers like that have taught us a lot. So when I tweeted 'hopefully it's real', I didn't really expect it to exist, but I quipped at those who believed it," said Mahfud in his written statement to reporters quoted on Tuesday, August 3.

He said that people claiming to make donations, such as Akidi Tio's family, are common. So, he supports if there are parties who do not believe in the intentions of the Akidi family.

"Many people have always been like that. Claiming to want to donate, being able to dig up money with magical powers, being able to find a cure for 1,000 diseases but all of them are lies," said Mahfud.

The former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) also alluded to many similar lies that had occurred. Among them, claiming to have found treasures from the Majapahit Kingdom but its whereabouts are unclear until he admits that he has a certificate of billions of US dollars in debt to President Soekarno by a Swiss bank in 1962.

"So from the start I didn't believe in Akidi Tio's news because it was the same method of lying as before," said Mahfud.

His distrust grew when he communicated with the Governor of South Sumatra, Herman Daru, who was present at the ceremonial handover. According to Herman, at that time, no documents were submitted.

"The governor was only invited for an impromptu ceremony as Forkompimda but there was no delivery of any goods or documents," he said.

It was previously reported that the South Sumatra Police received Rp 2 trillion in funds to deal with COVID-19. This assistance was provided by the family of the late Akidi Tio, a successful businessman from Langsa City, East Aceh Regency through their family doctor in Palembang, Prof dr Hardi Darmawan.

The symbolic handover of aid funds was also handed over to the South Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Eko Indra Heri and witnessed by South Sumatra Governor H Herman Deru, South Sumatra Health Service Head Lesty Nuraini and 044/Gapo Danrem, Brigadier General Jauhari Agus Suraji on Monday 26 July.

Later, the police called one of Akidi Tio's children, Heriyanto. This call was made to clarify the clarity of this fantastic value assistance.

"So it needs to be underlined, we did not arrest Mrs. Heriyanti but we invited her to come to the Regional Police to provide clarification regarding the plan to hand over Rp2 trillion of funds through a bilyet giro," said Head of Public Relations of the South Sumatra Police, Kombes Supriadi, to reporters on Monday, 2 August.

"Until now, the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation is still conducting an investigation regarding the delivery of assistance as much as Rp. 2 trillion and hopefully in the near future if there are no problems, the investigation can be completed," he added.

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