Indonesia And US Build Maritime Training Center In Batam
DOC Bakamla RI

JAKARTA - Indonesia and the United States (US) have built a maritime training center for the Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) at the Batam Fleet Base.

The ceremony for laying the foundation stone for the Maritime Training Center was carried out by the US Ambassador Sung Kim and the Head of Bakamla Admiral TNI Aan Kurnia, represented by the Deputy for Policy and Strategy of Bakamla Rear Admiral Tatit E. Witjaksono, Friday, June 25.

 "As a friend and partner of Indonesia, the United States remains committed to supporting Indonesia's main role in advancing regional peace and security by fighting domestic and transnational crimes," said Ambassador Kim as quoted from a written statement from the Indonesian Bakamla.

The US Ambassador noted this initiative as part of the US' ongoing efforts to partner with Indonesia in fighting transnational crime which includes providing Bakamla with equipment, support, training, and technical assistance since its inauguration in 2014.

This USD 3.5 million training center is a collaborative effort between the Indonesian Bakamla, the US Coast Guard, the US Embassy's Narcotics Affairs and International Law Enforcement (INL) office, the Joint Interagency Task Force West, Indo-Command -US Pacific, and US Naval Engineering Facilities Command.

Laksda Bakamla Tatit E. Witjaksono said the training center would be owned and operated by the Indonesian National Security Council.

“This training center will be an important means for Bakamla to improve the competence of Bakamla RI personnel in responding to the challenges of ensuring security and safety at sea. The training center built will include classrooms, office space, barracks, a dining kitchen, and a launchpad. This place will accommodate up to 50 students and 12 instructors,” continued Laksda Bakamla Tatit.

Symbolically, the laying of the first stone was carried out by the Head of the West Maritime Zone Kamla Office, Laksma Bakamla Hadi Pranoto, including representatives from the US Embassy.

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