Experts Say Sinovac Vaccine Is Still Reliable Against B1617
Molecular biologist from Sriwijaya University (Unsri) Prof Dr dr Yuwono, M.Biomed (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Molecular biologists from Sriwijaya University (Unsri) Prof. Dr. Dr. Yuwono, M.Biomed said sinovac vaccine and other vaccines based on Sinovac can still be relied on to fight the Indian variant B1617 in the body, just like the B117 variant.

"The B1617 variant is still derived from the same S mutation as the B117 variant, while the Sinovac vaccine is made from a whole virus, so it is still covered," he reported from Antara, Sunday, May 16.

However, according to him, the efficacy of the vaccine in forming atibodi in the body against each person can be different from each other although the efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine in the third clinical trial reached 65 percent.

Efficacy is an estimate of how effective the vaccine will be.

In addition, he said, although B1617 is estimated to be able to cause multiple mutations, but the mutation remains in the S part so it can still be relied on with the Sinovac vaccine.

He explained that the current variant of COVID-19 comes from the S mutation that is on the surface of the virus and is most actively attached to the human body.

"But for mutation B117 and B1617 is believed to spread faster so that the public needs to be vigilant because the impact on the elderly and morally still dangerous," said Yuwono who is also the President Director of Pupuk Sriwijaya Hospital Palembang.

Therefore, he urged the public to follow the government's COVID-19 vaccination program to lower the findings of new cases amid the possibility of new variants.

In addition, COVID-19 health protocols must still be implemented including those who have received the vaccine.

"Because the new vaccine forms optimal antibodies three months after the first injection," Yuwono said.

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