Recently Inaugurated, The Luxury Hospital Of The Myanmar Military Regime Was Rocked By A Bomb Explosion
Inauguration of Moe Kaung Treasure Maternal and Child Hospital. (Sumber: Global New Light of Myanmar)

JAKARTA - Two bombs exploded at the entrance to the luxury hospital belonging to the Myanmar military regime, which was inaugurated by regime leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on Tuesday 4 May Night.

Named Moe Kaung Treasure Maternal and Child Hospital, the luxury hospital located in Yankin Township, Yangon was inaugurated on Sunday, May 2.

A resident living near the hospital said the bomb was found by soldiers of the Myanmar military regime who were deployed to guard around the hospital.

The discovery of the bomb responded by tightening the security of the area around the hospital. The army chose to detonate the bomb. Around nine o'clock

rumah sakit militer
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits the hospital facilities after the inauguration. (Source: Global New Light of Myanmar)

night, a loud explosion was heard, there were no casualties in the detonation process.

No party has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb terror that targeted this hospital. The Myanmar military regime has yet to arrest those responsible.

To note, a number of maternal and child health services are available at this hospital, such as in vitro fertilization, storage of genetic items, and genetic diagnostic work. The hospital also plans to obtain a certificate of international recognition for the hospital, Joint Commission International.

"This new hospital was built under the guidance of a Senior General, to become an internationally recognized medical facility that citizens can rely on while promoting the private health care sector," said Myawaddy's military TV in its report, as reported by The Irrawaddy, Tuesday, May 4.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said the hospital would later aim to become a one-stop service center, with reasonable service fees for the people of Myanmar.

However, in reality, the hospital room usage rate per day cannot be called cheap, amidst the economic downturn in Myanmar since the military coup on February 1. A number of rooms here have a rate of up to 100 thousand kyats per day.

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