Message From The Siliwangi Military Commander To The 'Satan Troops' Before Papua: 400 People Depart, 400 Return!
YONIF 315 / GARUDA (Pendam Siliwangi)

JAKARTA - The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua has been considered a terrorist by the government following its frequent brutal actions. In addition to Densus 88 - elite National Police troops - the Indonesian Army also deployed soldiers from the Infantry Battalion 315/ Garuda to Papua.

The progress of this troop nicknamed Satan Troops cannot be considered playing games because it is often involved in military operations. For example, eliminating the separatist group in East Timor under the name Operation Seroja until they served in the Military Operations Area aka DOM Aceh.

Various preparations have been made by these troops ranging from knowledge, expertise, mental, physical when they were placed in Ciwidey, Bandung district, West Java on 27 March. Not to mention the provision of infrastructure and armaments of Infantry Battalion 315/Garuda.


"Before carrying out the operational task of the Garuda Infantry Battalion 315 Task Force, they were trained and trained for a month since March 27, 2002, one in pre-service training took place in the Ciwidey training area, Bandung regency, West Java to increase the knowledge and combat skills of soldiers to be applied in the assignment area later", wrote Military Commander III/Siliwangi on their social media accounts.

Military Commander III/Siliwangi Major General TNI Nugroho Budi Wiryanto has checked at the Infantry Battalion 315/Garuda Headquarters on Raya Gunung Batu Street Number 196 RT 01/09 Gunung Batu, Bogor City before leaving for Papua.

The results of the investigation, Military Commander III/Siliwangi Major General TNI Nugroho Budi Wiryanto said that all personnel of Infantry Battalion 315/Garuda were ready to carry out the state's task of securing vulnerable areas of Papua.

"Ladies and gentlemen are the ambassadors for the Siliwangi Military Command III, show that while you were serving in Papua there was a proud achievement, a brilliant achievement that made the Infantry Battalion 315 and Military Command III Siliwangi famous ...", said Military Commander Siliwangi Major General TNI Nugroho Budi Wiryanto in his @kodamsiliwangi Instagram account quoted on Tuesday, May 4.

"Hopefully all of you will always be protected by Allah SWT and can carry out your duties properly, safely, and smoothly. I am proud of all of you, please keep this pride".

"4400 People Depart, 400 Return!, all healthy", said Major General TNI Nugroho Budi Wiryanto.

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