Bambang Soesatyo Asks The Armed Criminal Group In Papua To Be Eradicated, The Amnesty Reminds About Human Rights
Chairman of the MPR Bambang Soesatyo (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia Usman Hamid regretted the statement by the Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) who asked the government to completely eradicate the armed criminal group (KKB).

Bamsoet wants the KKB to be eradicated because they shot the head of the Papua Regional Intelligence Agency (Kabinda), Brig. Gen. I Gusti Putu, Danny Nugraha Karya to death.

Usman reminded that Bamsoet's statement about the desire to destroy the KKB ignored the principles of human rights. Usman considers that the statement has the potential to encourage an escalation of violence in Papua and West Papua.

"We deeply regret the statement by the Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly that ignores human rights. Human rights are a constitutional obligation that must be a priority in every state policy. Putting aside human rights is not only against international law but also unconstitutional", said Usman in his statement, Tuesday, April 27th.

Usman condemned the extrajudicial killings of Kabinda Papua. Usman also admitted that his party did not reject the KKB sentence for criminal acts.

However, according to him, the KKB can be processed with a legal approach that meets the principles of a fair trial and avoids the use of the death penalty. Then, the KKB's actions should not be used as justification for expanding the security approach that has so far proven ineffective in solving problems in Papua.

"This method only perpetuates the cycle of violence that can sacrifice citizens and state officials. Human rights talk about the safety of all", said Usman.

It was previously known that Bamsoet asked the National Army (TNI), the National Police (Polri), and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) apparatus to act without tolerance for KKB who committed criminal acts that resulted in casualties.

"I ask the government and the security apparatus not to hesitate and immediately deploy their full strength to crush the KKB in Papua which has killed again. Eradicate them first. Then we will discuss human rights later", said Bamsoet.

If necessary, said Bamsoet, the government should reduce the strengths of the best 4 Matra owned in addition to Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob) of the National Police (Polri), namely Gultor Kopassus, Raiders, Bravo, and Denjaka. Then, the authorities were given one month to quell the KKB.

"The TNI, Polri, and intelligence apparatus must continue to pursue and take firm action against the KKB without hesitation with our full strength. We must not allow separatist groups to continue to carry out actions that result in casualties", he said.

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