Progress Of Elderly Vaccination In DKI Jakarta Province Is Highest In Indonesia
102-year-old elderly, Inna Wati who received COVID-19 vaccine injections at Poris Plawad Health Center, Tangerang City, Banten, Sunday, April 11 (Fauzan/Antara)

JAKARTA - DKI Jakarta is the province with the achievement of COVID-19 vaccination phase two for the highest elderly groups from other provinces today. DKI has a target of vaccinating 911,631 elderly people.

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta for Population Control and Settlement Suarti Sutar stated, as of today, elderly vaccination dose 1 has been done to 523,861 people or 57.5 percent and vaccination dose 2 includes 173,234 people 19.0 percent.

"Even for the Central Jakarta area, vaccinations for the elderly have reached 95.31 percent and the Thousand Islands reached 62.73 percent," Suharti said in a statement, Sunday, April 11.

Suharti said that the speed of the elderly vaccination process in DKI is based on a number of steps. One of them is by holding vaccination centers at the sub-district and sub-district level, outside health centers, and hospitals.

He said that this vaccination center is more in demand for the elderly because it is closer to home and can be with friends from their respective environments.

"Of course, there are also large vaccination centers assisted by the Ministry of Health with combined resources from the central and local governments," suharti said.

In addition, DKI also involves a number of privately owned health facilities in placing vaccination sites.

Then, data by name that uses Dukcapil data is given scheduling up to RT level to be utilized rt team tells elderly schedule and location.

"We also strive in one RW vaccinated in the same location for ease of management in the field," he said.

Meanwhile, for residents who have not been scheduled because they do not have a DKI ID card or whose location is far away because the domicile address is different from the ID card address is still possible to be vaccinated, either by registering through online or reporting themselves to the head of RT.

"We also conduct intensive communication with the central team to get regularly vaccinated elderly data to be then matched with Dukcapil data to monitor unvaccinated seniors to then be informed downwards," he concluded.

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