Viral Video Of Glowing Kuntilanak Doesn't Touch The Ground, How Should Social Media Content Be?
YouTube screenshot of Faith Laslos

JAKARTA - All content is now milling about on social media. Not only the video of multiplying money in Bekasi which turned out to be a hoax or just a trick, there was also kuntilanak 'unboxing'. There are those who spread a video called to prove the kuntilanak's feet did not touch the ground.

This video was uploaded by Iman Laslos's YouTube channel. The channel, which now has 1.4 million subscribers, has uploaded the video 'Proving Kuntilanak Does Not Touch the Ground'. Indeed, many doubt the authenticity of this video, even joking by calling the glowing kuntilanak.

In the video, a man tries to prove that his kuntilanak's feet don't touch the ground. The camera's spotlight initially shows the position of the kuntilanak with a long shirt reaching the ground.

The man then approached. Open the bottom of the cloth and the kuntilanak feet do not touch the ground. But the camera only shoots closely at the bottom of the foot to the ground. The video does not show a complete appearance of kuntilanak from the long-haired head to the bottom

After that, the camera shook. Only then, the full version of kuntilanak is displayed again. This camera game was questioned by video viewers.

Regarding the proliferation of content that could make the public 'astray', the National Police asked the public not to easily believe it. Because it is possible that the production of these impressions is intentionally made only for the sake of content.

"Any social media, including YouTube, should be used wisely, with educational and informative content," said Head of Public Relations of the National Police, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, confirmed by VOI, Monday, March 22.

The National Police also reminded social media not to become a place for spreading hoax content including hate speech and ethnicity, religion, religion, and intergroup issues. All parties, social media users and content creators must both ensure positive content.

Previously there was also a video of multiplying money in Bekasi. The man named Herman who is called Ustaz Gondrong now has to undergo a police investigation.

What actually happened was that the Ustaz Gondrong, who was known for his daily activities as a seller of mystical antiques, was only playing magic tricks. Hundreds of pieces of Rp. 100 thousand denominations were mentioned by the police as fake money.

"His admission was for fun because it was just a magic trick," said Head of Public Relations of Metro Jaya Police, Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus explaining the confession of Herman alias Ustad Gondrong during the questioning, Monday, March 22.

The video of Ustadz Gondrong in action to multiply money in Babelan, Bekasi was made on March 18. This video went viral on Saturday, March 20.

This deception was recorded by the wife of Herman, aka Ustaz Gondrong, with the initials NP. The video was then distributed by a woman with the initials M. The money was fake money which was later found to have been burned.

From the confession of the Ustaz Gondrong's wife with the initials NP, the fake money used had been burned. The police then asked that the burnt fake money should be sought as evidence.

The police have not yet determined the status of Ustadz Herman alias Ustaz Gondrong. Currently, the police are still conducting investigations, including to find the origin of the fake money.

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