Two Elderly Siblings Died In Cianjur
PMI officers in Cianjur, West Java carry the bodies of two elderly siblings from Solokpandan Village, Cianjur / Antara

JAKARTA - The police found two elderly residents of Solopandan Village, Cianjur District, West Java in a dead condition in their house. Even when they found the bodies of both of them had dried up.

"We have not been able to provide information because it is still under investigation, but it is estimated that both of them died a few days ago", said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cianjur Police, AKP Anton when met at the location, reported by Antara, Friday, March 5.

Currently, he said, to secure the location to facilitate investigations, his party had installed a police line around the house, where the bodies of the two elderly siblings were found by residents and some of their relatives. Meanwhile, the bodies of both were taken to Cianjur Hospital for post mortem purposes.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses from residents around Ahmad Zain said that the discovery of the corpses in the name of Tete (70) was male, and his younger sister, Ashiong (60), originated from relatives who came to the house but did not meet the two siblings.


In fact, when he tried to knock on the door, there was no answer from inside the house, so the relative asked the residents to break the locked door from the inside, so Ahmad, who was asked for help, reported this to the local RT (Neighborhood Association).

"Witnessed by his relatives and the head of the RT, we and other residents tried to break down the door of the house. After the door opened, we found Ashiong's body lying in the middle of the house and Tete in the back room. The bodies of both of them had dried up as they had died a long time ago", he said.

He explained that the siblings of this descent were known to be very secretive, so the residents did not think that the two, who had never been married, had died in the house without being noticed by residents who thought they were out of town.

"If their relatives do not come from Bekasi to visit, maybe the residents do not know that both of them are in the house. So far, they are closed, rarely hang out with residents, so residents think they are really going out of town", he said.


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